UBISOFT: Far Cry 3 announced

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Publisher Ubisoft has tonight at E3 revealed a massive FPS sequel due out next year – Far Cry 3.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft's Montreal and Shanghai studios in conjunction with Massive Entertainment. It's due out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC next year.

The series will leave behind the African wilderness of FC2 and instead return to the tropical jungle setting of the first Far Cry game. Player's decisions will alter how the narrative pans out and which faction ultimately prevails.

Far Cry 3 brings something new and unexpected, while still building upon the foundations of excellence that are inherent to the Far Cry brand,” Ubisoft Montral producer Dan Hay stated.

Whether you're already a fan of the Far Cry series or jumping into the franchise for the very first time, you're going to be blown away by the gritty story and epic adventure we're going to deliver.”