Ubisoft: New IP is a serious business

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Ubisoft UK boss Rob Cooper has been celebrating the sales success of Assassin's Creed – and stated that it proves new IP can still shift serious numbers at retail.

The adventure title stormed into the ChartTrack All Formats listings at number one this week, becoming the third fastest-selling Xbox 360 title ever.

I think the success worldwide of Assassin's Creed absolutely proves that new IP can live and prosper within the sequel and licensed based competition,” he told MCV. The industry is crying out for new and compelling content and we're delighted that AC has lived up to its expectations.

The launch of Assassin's has been a huge global success. There are a number of factors for this in the UK. One is that the game has gripped a nation of gaming consumers. With licensed or sequel based titles, it's easier to know what to expect, but with Assassin's Creed there has been a ground swell of excitement since we first showed it at E3 06.

The second factor is that we have a fantastic team at Ubisoft UK who worked the title to be the success it is today. From specialist front covers to TV coverage on BBC, from quality trade marketing actions to an enormous media campaign – all of these key ingredients helped propel the game to number one.”