Ubisoft offering free Rayman Legends online download for disgruntled Wii U owners

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Still angry about the fresh delay to the Wii U version of Rayman Legends?

Well, firstly, chill out. It's a game. It's fine. You'll still get it and that other console owners will also get it is of no actual consequence to you.

But nonetheless, Ubisoft is clearly a more benevolent beast than us and has said that it will release the game's Online Challenge mode as a free download on Nintendo's machine this April – five months before its official release.

Challenges will be generated daily and a Wii U-only dungeon setting will also be made available.

MCV reported this morning that three retailers have listed a Wii U version of upcoming sci-fi romp Watch Dogs. Add that possible release to the Rayman news and perhaps Ubisoft can still be BFFs with the Wii U's more dedicated fan base?