Ubisoft targets big slice of Vita market share

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Publisher Ubisoft hopes to grab a hefty chunk of PS Vita's software sales with five launch games.

The firm has dominated the third-party line-up for several hardware launches including 3DS and Kinect. Its five Vita launch titles – the most from any third-party – are Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Rayman Origins, Lumines: Electronic Symphony, Michael Jackson: The Experience and Asphalt Injection.

These arrive with PS?Vita on February 22nd.

All of [our titles] sit in different genres and target slightly different audiences, so as a range they are a strong offering,” UK marketing director Murray Pannell told MCV.

"PS Vita is an exciting new handheld system. Assuming consumers are equally excited about the platform, we'd love to take a decent market share of the overall software sales."