UK devs lead Kinect charge

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Video games trade association UKIE has championed the role of UK developers in the early success of both Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move.

In the ten weeks ending January 15th 2011, games made by UK developers account for 42 per cent of Kinect software sales in the UK. The best selling Kinect game to date is Kinect Sports – made by UK studio Rare – which claimed 28 per cent of total sales.

UK studios also lay claim to 30 per cent of total PlayStation Move software unit sales.

The numbers come from UKIE's Motion Controller Report which analyses sales of Kinect, Move and Wii Motion Plus games since October 2010.

The array of strong products that our home-grown, UK talent is producing is something we can all be proud of," UKIE director general Michawl Rawlinson explained.

"This just shows how our UK developer base remains one of the best in the world, and can continue to step up to the plate as the market develops and platforms evolve.”