UK indie's first person survival horror game Routine revealed

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A brand new survival horror game has come to life that looks to challenge the likes of Day Z in the hardcore gaming stakes.

The title is called Routine. It's being developed by UK startup Lunar Software, which was founded in September 2011 by former Eurocom developer Aaron Foster.

The studio also employs Foster's partner Jemma Hughes and programmer Pete Dissler

Routine, which is presented in the first person, is set in an abandoned moon base. The fate of the former inhabitants is unknown. The developers describe it as an 80′s vision of the future that presents itself in audio and visuals”.

There is no HUD, no deadzone aiming, no health bars or health packs, no points and no respawns – death is permanent. Environmental hazards will be randomised.

It will be released on PC and Mac through Steam.

Here's the Gamescom trailer: