UKIE expresses relief at GAME acquisition

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Games industry trade body UKIE has unsurprisingly welcomed the news that GAME has been saved from administration by retail turnaround specialist OpCapita.

Baker Acquisitions' purchase of UKIE member, Game's UK assets is a very positive move for the UK games industry,” UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist stated.

Not having a specialist video games presence on the high street for would be a big loss to the industry. The growing games industry is now giving people so many different ways of playing games but there is still a huge role for retail in this fast moving market.”

UKIE chairman Andy Payne added: The UK games industry needs vibrant and innovative companies across the whole value chain, and this move will prove that the UK will still be the number one market place for video games in Europe.

Baker Acquisitions have the capital that GAME needs in order to both stabilise and transition their business models in an online world. Baker Acquisitions have appointed Martyn Gibbs as CEO to lead the team to ensure that this will take place, quickly and effectively.”