UPDATED: Unit 13 gets release date

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In a pleasant deviation from accepted games industry norms, Sony has announced that PlayStation Vita title Unit 13 will be released… today!

The game should be available at certain retailers today and will appear for purchase on PSN at some point, hopefully this morning.

The game is made by SOCOM and MAG developer Zipper Interactive. It offers a mixture of third person and first person shooting spread across dozens (over 40, to be precise) of mini-challenges. Different operatives are employed according to the objective of the level.

A high score system also encourages replayability, as does the Daily Challenge feature.

Obviously MCV is not a consumer site and does not review or rate games. But if we did we'd be saying that Unit 13 was perhaps our pick of the bunch from Vita's launch line-up.

UPDATE 1: Sony has confirmed that the game will hit PSN today and arrive at retail this Friday (March 9th)

UPDATE 2: It seems that there has been a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. Unit 13 will now arrive on the UK arm of PSN on Friday, alongside the boxed retail release. It will be released in Europe today.