US: Sega names Maeda new COO

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Sega's Masanao Maeda has been promoted to COO of the Japanese publisher's American arm.

Maeda has previously been instrumental in developing Sega's western business, such as playing a pivotal role in the acquisition of UK developer The Creative Assembly.

In his new position, he will oversee day-to-day marketing and sales for both North American and European markets.

Sega Of America CEO Mike Hayes said: Maeda carries a wealth of knowledge about Sega and the Sega properties with him thanks to his many years with Sega of Japan.

His accomplishments in Tokyo are a testament to the quality of leader we anticipate him being here as he helps to take Sega of America to new heights in the video game market.”

Maeda added: I am looking forward to working at Sega of America and getting to work more closely with the team there.

Though I have worked with Sega of America a great deal over the past 18 years, I look forward to the opportunity to be more closely involved with the development process for the Western markets.”