Valve pulling Linux games from Steam that fail to meet SteamOS standards - report

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Valve has removed its SteamOS icon from a batch of Linux-compatible games on Steam, which has reportedly resulted in Linux players no longer having the option to download said titles.

A Gaming on Linux piece states Valve is removing the linux-based SteamOS icon from Linux releases that don't work perfectly with its new OS, and doing so ahead of the launch of the company's Steam Machine line of consoles.

The move has resulted in Linux players – both those that use and don't use SteamOS – no longer having the option to purchase and play certain titles, since SteamOS has completely replaced the standard Linux Tux logo on Valve's service as of earlier this year.

According to the report, Linux users who already purchased the games in question can still download and play them.

Steam Machines, Steam Link and Steam Controller all launch next month.