Valve registers Gamer Life: The Movie domains, reveal may be incoming

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Valve appears to be prepping an announcement for an esports focused film documentary—an announcement that could very well arrive in the next 24 hours.

LamdaGeneration reports that back in July the company registered two domain names for ‘' and ‘,' with both domains receiving an update last week.

It was also dug up that Valve production crews were filming an unidentified documentary focusing on ‘the life of professional gamers' in late 2011. The film was reportedly in the early stages of development, and no further details were provided beyond that at the time.

Fast forward to this week's trailer for the latest GameTrailers TV episode in which Geoff Keighley teases an ‘exclusive trailer for a new non-video game project in the works at Valve,' and the pieces of the puzzle really start to come together.

We'll know for sure after GTTV airs this Thursday night.