Paul Rustchynsky heads up new project at Project Cars studio

The former director at Evolution Studios and, more recently, Codemasters employee, Paul Rustchynsky has announced his new role at Slightly Mad Studios, along with a tease of an unannounced project.

Paul Rustchynsky

Paul Rustchynsky

A veteran of the racing game scene, Rustchynsky spent over a decade at Evolution, working on projects like Motorstorm and Driveclub before the studio was closed by Sony in 2016. Shortly afterwards it was announced the team had been rescued by Codemasters, and would release Onrush – a brand new racing IP – in 2018.

The release came and went but underperformed for Codies, leading to a number of staff being let go – including Rustchynsky. He announced his new position as game director at Slightly Mad Studios with a tweet, teasing an as-yet unnamed project.

rushy tweet

Slightly Mad Studios should be a good fit for the veteran, with its focus landing entirely on racing games since the team’s inception just over a decade ago.

While nothing has been said so far as to what the new project is, it wouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility to assume it will be a racing game that falls much closer to the side of simulation than Onrush. But we shall see.