Vita doubles up as PS3 controller for MvC3

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Gamers will be able to use the PlayStation Vita to control PS3 games such as Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Capcom says owners of the upcoming Sony handheld – which is due out in the UK on February 22nd – will be able to use it as the ultimate controller” for playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on PS3, reports Joystiq.

It's suggested players will be able to use Vita's touch controls while playing the console fighter.

Consumers will also have to purchase the game on Vita to use it as a controller for the PS3 version. The Vita SKU of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 also comes with exclusive ‘Gold Herald' colour options for characters' in-game costumes.

The game is due to arrive early next year around the launch of PlayStation Vita.