Warner Bros reportedly working on Lego Incredibles 2 and DC Villains titles

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Comic Book reports that two Lego games are currently in the works at Warner Bros-owned developer TT Games, according to “sources linked to WB.”

The first one would be Lego Incredibles 2, that is reportedly due to launch alongside the upcoming Pixar film. Highly awaited Incredibles 2 will hit theatres on June 15th. There are no more details on the Lego game project, Comic Book said, though the publication guessed that it could also include the plot from the first film, which released in 2004. It would be the first Lego title to be based on a Pixar IP.

The second project would be a Lego game focused on DC villains. Comic Book commented: “Our sources are referring to the project as ‘Lego DC Villains’ or ‘Lego DC Supervillains.’ It’s said to feature Lego renditions of DC staples such as Harley Quinn, The Joker and Lex Luthor.” The title is expected to launch “at some point over the next year” according to the website’s sources.

Talking to MCV at Gamescom 2017, Warner Bros’ SVP international for games Olivier Wolff confirmed that “Lego is one of the key pillars of WB Games” though the publisher announced in October last year that it was ending its toys-to-life franchise Lego Dimensions.