Watch Dogs will look better on Wii U than it does on PS3 or Xbox 360

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The creative director of Ubisoft's upcoming Watch Dogs reckons the Wii U version will be graphically superior to its current-gen counterparts.

"I would say the Wii U version is pretty much in between what the current gen is and what the next gen is from a version standpoint," Jonathan Morin told CVG.

"It's hard to position it. I would tend to say it's maybe a bit closer to current-gen than next-gen for certain things but it's a beautiful game on Wii U and it's cool to play it just on the GamePad."

Off-screen play is supported on the GamePad, although there won't be any fundamental additions over the other versions.

Added Morin: "There are no new features or anything like that – it's the same game but we're optimising the controls for the beast that is the Wii U GamePad."

Of course, if the specs for the PC version of the game are anything to go by that will look simply sensational.