Will pre-owned games REALLY work on PS4?; PS3's PSN titles will not transfer to new console

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Sony has said that PS4 won't block pre-owned games. But for some a lingering doubt remains.

Engadget pressed Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida on the issue and says it was surprised by the answer.

"That's my expectation, that PS4 games will work on [the] hardware,” he stated when pressed. That's my expectation. Ummm ... yeah. We have to really name our system services to explain more about it."

The site added that the exec seemed weird” and fully waffled” on the issue, behaviour that's unusual for a gregarious, smart, talkative interviewee”.

It adds that the answer given to Eurogamer on the issue was equally vague, suggesting that the confirmation that used games can play on PS4" does not in fact rule out the possibility that said games might have to endure limited functionality unless the user pays for an additional licence.

Engadget also received confirmation that PSN games designed for PS3 will not be transferrable to the new hardware due to the wildly differing architecture of the two machines.

Sony will, however, try to make titles playable in some form" – most likely by utilising Gaikai's streaming technology.