Xbox enters A League of Their Own

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Microsoft has teamed up with Sky to promote Kinect Sports: Season Two.

The sequel to the best selling Kinect game will sponsor the fourth season of Sky 1's quiz panel show A League of Their Own, presented by Gavin & Stacey star James Corden.

Microsoft's director of Xbox and Entertainment Stephen McGill told MCV:We're delighted with the performance of Kinect Sports – it's proved tobe the best-selling Kinect title to date, and remains high on the list of ‘must have' purchases forrecent adoptees of the Kinect hardware.

As a franchise, Kinect Sports is a compelling introduction to the Kinect experience and we're confident it will continue to lead the way for Kinect software. We also have high expectations for Kinect hardware this holiday, and Season Two will be top of the list for many of these new adopters.”

The newest season of the TV show kicks off today (Friday, October 7th) and will run until December 9th. Kinect Sports: Season Two is due on October 28th.