Xbox One Japan sales slump to 300 units over past week

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Xbox One sales hit a new low in Japan last week, selling just 300 units within the time frame.

Games Industry calls attention to the abysmal figure, along with the fact that the console has been the tenth best (lowest) selling device on Media Create's hardware chart for two straight weeks.

To compare, the hardware category's ninth place finisher PlayStation Vita TV sold 682 units, and the original 3DS sold 4,328 units to finish in eighth.

Microsoft expressed disappointment back in October at lackluster sales of Xbox One in Japan, but promised to continue its efforts in reaching a substantial audience within the region. However, the latest numbers confirm the worst week for the console since its launched in the country last September.

You'll find the full chart below:

  1. New 3DS XL: 25,299
  2. PlayStation Vita: 16,823
  3. PlayStation 4: 15,480
  4. New 3DS: 9,916
  5. Wii U: 8,894
  6. PlayStation 3: 7,036
  7. 3DS LL: 4,776
  8. 3DS: 4,238
  9. PlayStation Vita TV: 682
  10. Xbox One: 300