Xbox One will 'start ahead' and 'stay ahead' of PS4

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Craig Flannagan, Microsoft Canada's Xbox director of marketing has delivered the platform holder's most bullish pre-launch prep talk for some time.

When asked how Xbox One would fare against PS4 and Wii U by Games Industry, Flannagan stated: "Xbox One is going to start ahead, in terms of the experience we can deliver. And because we're built for the future, we're going to stay ahead.

I think there is not a better experience you can buy this holiday, and there will not be a time this generation where there's a better experience you can buy than Xbox One.

And it's probably going to be a pretty long generation. We're probably here for a while because we're built for the future. This is a console that will last you, conservatively a decade, if I had to put a bet down today.

"We feel great about where the hardware is at right now. Our yields are good. It's allowing us to produce more consoles than we ever have for a launch. We feel great about how the hardware is performing."