Xbox One's Chinese price cut ahead of PS4 launch

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Microsoft has cut the price of Xbox One in China.

The move comes shortly after Sony's recent confirmation that both PS4 and Vita will be launched in the territory on January 11th.

Xbox One had previously cost CY 3,699 (381) with the Kinect version costing CY 4,299 (443) but Kotaku reports that it now costs just CY 3,199 (330) or CY 3,799 (392) with Kinect.

The 50 saving brings it closer to – but not completely in line with – PS4's launch price of CY 2,899 (299). Some sellers, however, are now offering Xbox One at the PS4 price.

Xbox One had a strong launch in China with week one sales said to stand at around 100,000 units, but it has since gone on to struggle, much as it has done in other Asian territories.