XBOX: Ubi fitness game 'transforms' exercise

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Look out Nintendo, your grip on the fitness game market may be under threat.

Ubisoft officially unveiled its Kinect exercise Your Shape: Fitness Evolved at the Xbox E3 briefing today, touting its features as capable of 'transforming the way we think about fitness in the living room'.

"Your Shape Fitness Evolved puts players in the gaming environment," said a Ubisoft rep demoing the game.

"Through the magic of Kinect we are changing the way you think about fitness."

The game tracks height and movement to tailor menus and fitness routines to a player's shape.

Fitness experts have helped shape the content, including celebrity trainers.

The Your Shape franchise first debuted last year for Wii, and came with its own Kinect-esque (but we stress, very basic) camera bundled with it.