XCOM shooter loses its website

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The future of 2K Games' promised XCOM shooter is in doubt.

DigitalTrends noticed that the game's official website is no longer accessible. Users are now greeted with a 404 error message – that means the servers are active but the content has either been blocked or removed.

Furthermore, the XCOM Enemy Unknown website is still fully functional.

That doesn't necessarily mean we're not looking at a technical hiccup, right? Possibly, but 2K has also removed all mention and footage of the game from its official YouTube channel.

Could all this be linked to recent rumours from Kotaku that 2K's XCOM shooter is in the process of rebranding?

The publisher recently registered four domains including thebureau-game.com and whathappenedin62.com, both of which are believed to be linked to the game.

Rumour says that the game, which was first announced in 2010, is being re-worked to become a squad-based shooter rather than a straight-out FPS.