Yes, of course you can mod your PC with a 5.25 bay toaster

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You've overclocked your graphics card and water-cooled your processor but there's still something missing from your custom gaming PC.

Oh you silly sausage, you've only gone and forgot to install a toaster!

Thankfully US PC retailer CrazyPC is offering just that – a toaster that's designed to be installed in a PC's 5.25 inch drive bay.

It requires a USB port and 4-pin molex connector to work and will dump the hot air out of the back of the case providing you've got a free PCI slot. The included Windows software allows users to control the length of the toasting process and the heat intensity. There's also a tray for collecting the crumbs.

The site usefully specifies that toast is sold separately.

Thanks to Mike Jennings for the spot.

UPDATE: Twitter user Ironhammers claims that the toaster isn't real. And with that our dreams were shattered.