YouTube seeking programmers for next-gen console app integration

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YouTube is looking to hire next-gen game console programmers in an effort to ‘build the next generation game-console-based TV experience.'

The mantra is also the first responsibility for the role under the position's description on Google Jobs (spotted by IGN).

YouTube currently has an app on Xbox 360, but with the opening's experience requiring ‘deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii' it appears they're looking to move beyond just a single platform.

Other responsibilities for the position include:

  • Deliver a compelling lean back experience with monetization and e-commerce offerings (ie, pay-per-stream, ads),
  • Integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms.
  • Develop leading edge User Interfaces and delight users with innovative media rich solutions.

No official announcements from any of the key players (outside the already released 360 YouTube app) have surfaced as of yet.