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Zoe Quinn establishes support service for GamerGate victims

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People who have suffered at the hands of online hate group GamerGate are being offered support by a new service established by Zoe Quinn.

Crash Override describes itself as a new "online anti-harassment task force" and has, as seems to be the way, already been itself the target of abuse from those who continue to peddle the #Gamergate hashtag.

This includes individuals flagging the site up as a source of viruses in an attempt to get browsers to block access.

The service is staffed by a number of online abuse survivors whose identities remain anonymous to anyone outside the network”. Its blog aims to offer advice on a range of issues, such as the prevention of doxing.

Our network includes experts in information security, white hat hacking, PR, law enforcement, legal, threat monitoring, and counselling,” the site said. Our network works preventatively and reactively, warning targets and working with them during episodes of harassment to keep them safe and provide them with the means to reduce harm and rebuild, as well as disempower their harassers.

We understand that every case of online harassment is unique in terms of its targets, aggressors, and circumstances, and that no one plan of survival is suitable for everyone. We instead work with clients to tailor a unique plans of action, informed by our own experience and prior success in the field.

We are not a vigilante group and do not take retaliatory action against abusers. We focus on safety, security, and recovery from incidents of online harassment, using well-established, humane, and transparent channels to disempower abuse and reduce the ability abusers have to perpetuate it.

We do not fight harassment with more harassment. We work with law enforcement, media, and social infrastructure to respond to threats, and encourage informed changes in policy and systems to proactively reduce future abuse.”