Zoo Games picks up Empire IP

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US-based Zoo Games has acquired the rights to Empire Interactive's IP, including Flatout and Big Mutha Truckers, following the UK publisher's fall into administration earlier this week.

Zoo Publishing – a subsidiary of Zoo Games, and unrelated to fellow games companies Zushi Games and Zoo Digital – agreed a partnership with mysterious new company New World IP to attain the rights to the licences.

New World IP initially purchased Empire's licences from administrator KPMG.

MCV asked the CEO of Empire parent Silverstar Holdings, Clive Kabatznik, for details of the company. However, he told us: It's absolutely unequivocally not owned by or related to me in any way.”

KPMG said it had been asked by New World's owners not to give out any details of the business to the press.

New World IP is based in the US.

Ex-Empire staff have told MCV that they are still waiting to be paid for eight week's work carried out before the company entered administration. However, KPMG has told us that the firm has 'no funds' to settle debts with creditors.

I am incredibly excited about the prospects of remaking some of the Empire IP, bringing others online, and generating revenue from the current titles,” says Mark Seremet, CEO of Zoo Games, Inc.

Empire distributed my first company's software in the EU back in the 1980s and while I'm sad to see this economic environment take its toll on Empire, I'm grateful for the opportunity to partner with New World IP to continue the company's franchises.”