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Byron Review published next week

The Department for Children, Schools and Families has told MCV that Tanya Byron’s Review into violence in modern media is to be published next Thursday, March 27th.

The paper is widely expected to recommend a ‘cinema style’ unified ratings system for games – which could spell the end for either the current PEGI or BBFC classifications on software.

This has been largely accepted as a good move by the industry but fears still abound over the spin put on the recommendations by the Labour Government in the media.

When asked by MCV last year if there were any issues with the current shared BBFC/PEGI ratings system, Byron said:

It’s something I’m thinking about. Lots of parents have emailed me saying they are confused by this system.

"Can these people really feel supported by a system that has a statutory and non-statutory aspect to it? That’s a very difficult situation to put retailers in as well.

There’s no good clear information in shops to really help people understand this.

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