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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – where’s cheapest?

Gamers worldwide are as of today able to head out and buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

That might confuse you a little as the game doesn’t officially release until tomorrow (Tuesday November 4th), but Activision this year has chosen to release the Day Zero Edition a day earlier than the normal SKU.

Although in actuality it seems that plenty of retailers were selling the game early across the UK this weekend.

Videogamer has a roundup of the assorted UK High Street prices:

  • TESCO: 40 (or 35 when you purchase select XBL/PSN cards)
  • ASDA: 44 (PS4/Xbox One), 40 (PS3/360)
  • SAINSBURY’S: 44.99 (PS4/Xbox One), 42.99 (PS3/360)
  • ARGOS: 46.99 (PS4/Xbox One), 43.49 (PS3/360)
  • GAME: 49.99 (PS4/Xbox One)

And here are some online prices:

  • AMAZON: 40
  • GAME: 47.99
  • SHOPTO: 49.85
  • GAMESTOP: 44.97 (PS4/Xbox One), 41.97 (PS3/360)

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