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Two-day event to discuss a broad range of topics from sexuality and ethnicity in videogames to sound design

Canadian Game Studies Conference just days away

The Canadian Games Studies Association is set to begin its third annual conference from Saturday May 23.

The two-day event is focused on several topics of discussion, including work and play in virtual worlds, as well as local versus global gaming communities. The event will also explore contexts of play, as well as the relationship between gender, ethnicity and videogames.

Taking place at Carleton University in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, the event will see two sessions on game audio. Author Dominic Arsenault’s keynote is titled ‘Chiptune Aesthetics: Places from the Past’, while the promising Simon Fraser University graduate Milena Droumeva has prepared a keynote called ‘Creating a Sound Curriculum’.

There will also be a set of panel discussions devoted to serious games.

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