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Casual games can get sloppy says bestselling author

Mystery-thriller author James Patterson has hit out at poorly made casual games – whilst praising the efforts he is creating with I-Play based on his Women’s Murder Club books.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Patterson detailed the collaboration, and explained how he and Jensen are trying to merge his storytelling smarts with her design skills.

"I talked to Jane Jensen, primarily about the story – in fact, we’re doing the same thing now because they’re starting work on the second game," he said.

"What I try to put into everything I do is to have something that’s driving the story forward – and to see that the individual chapters are self-sustaining and are as powerful as we can make them.

"I wanted the story to have some dramatic power, something to hold you. [I wanted] the little side missions – which are a staple of casual games – to be a little more organic. In some casual games they can get a little sloppy.”

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