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That Dragon, Cancer is now available on iOS

That Dragon, Cancer is now available on iOS devices, costing $4.99 on the US App Store. Having launched earlier this year on PC, Mac and Linux the semi autobiographical game is now available for Apple mobile devices in the US, with a UK release expected soon. The game also has …

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Daydream View is Google’s new VR headset

Not one to be left behind Google has finally entered the world of VR, we’ll just ignore Google cardboard, with Daydream View. The new VR headset is designed to be used with the new Pixel phone, which was also announced yesterday. Much like the Samsung Gear VR, slotting your phone …

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Pokémon Go creator Niantic taken to court in The Hague

Dutch authorities are taking legal action against Niantic after they failed to prevent thousands of Pokmon Go players heading to protected beaches. The beaches of Kijkduin have been home to many rare Pokmon since the game’s launch, which obviously resulted in thousands of players heading to the shore line. The …

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Red Dwarf XI gets its own game

iOS and Android owners are now able, should they choose, to download a new game based on the 11th series of cult UK sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf. It’s even called Red Dwarf XI: The Game, lest there be any confusion. The UKTV, Grant Naylor Productions and GameDigits product tries to …

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