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Cryptic Studios sets up board of heroes

Cryptic Studios, the team behind MMO City of Heroes, has formed an advisory board made up of veterans from the development, financial, retail and publisher communities to help it in its expansion, reported Games Industry . Joining the board will be Jeff Braun, co-founder of Maxis, id Software co-owner Kevin …

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PS3 ad banned in UK

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Sony PS3 internet advert in the UK, reported Life Style Extra. The organisation said that the advert "could be deemed to condone or glamorize violence or anti-social behaviour.” After forcing it to be withdrawn, the ASA issued Sony with a warning regarding its …

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AUSSIE CHARTS: Mario parties on

GfK’s latest all formats top ten for the week ending August 5th shows a dominant Nintendo and Sony carve up the spoils between them. Microsoft doesn’t get a look in as Guitar Hero Encore ‘80s is the only new title to break into a PS2-dominated chart, while Motorstorm leaps up …

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Wii to Boogie on August 31st

New IP, exclusive to Nintendo – not terms you’d be quick to associate with EA only 12 months ago, but with Wii powering its way to market leadership in the next-gen race, EA will unleash its latest new IP on the console later this month. Boogie, which combines karaoke and …

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Motion-sensing DS on the way?

Following the tremendous success of its once mocked and now reverenced motion-sensing Wii console, it has emerged that Nintendo has filed a patent for a motion-sensing handheld console, CVG reports . Filed only a few months ago on March 30th, the patent reads: The housing [console] incorporates an XY-axis acceleration …

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Sony withdraws two more PSN titles

Following last week’s removal of PSOne title MediEvil from Sony’s PS3 download network PlayStation Network following the discovery of a game-crashing bug, two more titles have experienced technical problems and been temporarily removed. As you have probably noticed by now, Spyro 2 and Crash Bandicoot 2 have also been temporarily …

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