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The World Ends With You: Final Remix coming to Nintendo Switch

The scariest thing about the announcement that The World Ends With You is coming to the Nintendo Switch is that the original game turns ten years old this year. Our encroaching sense of mortality notwithstanding, this does mean that there are plenty of new players who won’t have even been …

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Nintendo France MD: Switch sales soar, EA to support platform, and why VR is a no-no for Nintendo

In an extensive interview with French publication Les Numériques, MD for Nintendo France Philippe Lavoué gave a very interesting insight on the platform holder’s performance on the French market, where Nintendo is as successful as ever, and on the firm’s recent successes and upcoming projects, including retro gaming, 4K, VR, …

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Paradox Interactive acquires 33% of Blacklight developer Hardsuit Labs

Swedish publisher, Paradox Interactive, today announced that it had acquired a third of current Blacklight Retribution developer Hardsuit Labs – based in Seattle. The acquisition set the company back $2m – valuing the company at $6m. Paradox also has an option to increase its ownership in the future. Hardsuit Labs …

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Monster Hunter World’s Meat Shack to provide FREE BBQ for fans

Capcom is pulling out all the stops for the lunch, sorry that should be launch, of Monster Hunter: World. Capcom’s UK team, working with PR agency Hope and Glory, is opening a free BBQ shack near London’s Southbank to mark the launch of the game – conveniently placing it just …

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COMMENT: Games and gambling – a lawyer’s view

Paul Gardner is a lawyer and early adopter of the Atari 2600. He specialises in commercial transactions and regulatory issues relating to the computer games industry. Many in the games industry will have heard it referred to as the ‘gaming industry’ – a term confusingly used by some betting firms. …

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