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How Qutee discovered what Total War fans really think of Warhammer

It was Richard Branson who said that “to succeed in business you need to be original, but you also need to understand what your customers want.” This has never been more true for games developers, as intense competition for gamers’ money and eyeballs is set to ratchet up a notch …

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Amy Hennig not keen on game streaming: “Why would anybody buy this if they can just watch somebody play it?”

Polygon has commissioned and published a debate between Amy Hennig (recently at Visceral Games of course) and Sean Vanaman (from Firewatch developer Santo Campo) as part of its 2017 Year in Review series. It’s a lengthy piece with lots to take from it but Hennig’s view of modern games development, …

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Quantic Dream’s Cage and De Fondaumière ‘offended’ by accusations of inappropriate behaviour

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls developer Quantic Dream has been under fire since multiple allegations of inappropriate behaviour have been reported by three different French publications yesterday (January 14th). Le Monde, Mediapart and Canard PC reported that over a dozen of current and former employees (interviewed by Le Monde) …

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