Craig Scott leading design on brand new MMO

CCP design director heads to Bigpoint

CCP design director Craig Scott has joined online game developer and publisher Bigpoint as lead designer.

Scott will be responsible for leading the design on a new MMO at the company.

During his time at CCP, he managed the design team for Eve Online and also worked on free-to-play shooter Dust 514.

As well as working at the MMO developer, Scott has previously held roles at Climax, Core Design and Realtime Worlds.

“I am happy to be with Bigpoint now," he said.

"Bigpoint has major experience in the future sector of free-to-play, online games. Furthermore, I expect to have much space for trying new things, which is a premise for making really innovative games and which, of course, means a lot of fun for both the teams and the users. That’s what I see Bigpoint is currently about.”

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