Champ Man Online closing its doors

Eidos is to shut down its football MMO Championship Manager Online on April 30th, just a few days before the game would have reached the ripe old age of five.

CVG reports that game’s userbase – which is still several thousand players strong – is up in arms about the decision, so much so that a Facebook petition has been established to try and reverse the decision.

A spokesperson for developer Jadestone distanced the studio from the move, telling CVG: We cannot talk about the decision to close the game, due to contractual obligations.

The game, the brand, the internet domain and the subscriptions are all owned by Eidos and the decision to cease the service is entirely theirs to make. The decision was made unilaterally by them, and we are not at liberty to comment on any reasoning.

Finally, we only have one more thing to say: Thank you, and we’re sorry.”

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