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China forces devs to reveal loot box drop odds

China has created new regulations that force developers to reveal the odds of each item drops in loot boxes. 

May eSports, such as CS:GO, Dota and Overwatch all have some kind of loot box system, where you will get one random item when you open the box. Most games don’t mention odds of rare items dropping, while some give small amounts of information. However that must now change. 

The law, which passed on December 5th, will force devs to reveal the drop rate odds for every item that can possibly drop in the loot box. The law also requires devs to keep a record of all random draws for 90 days, incase the regulators suspect something fishy and launch an investigation. 

This means that consumers will finally know how much of a chance they have of getting a rare knife in CS, a sweet Tracer skin in Overwatch or Faceless Rex in Dota. It will be interesting to see how much of an impact this has on sales of loot boxes, as fans may see the odds of getting a rare item and be turned off buying. 

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