Chinese retailer claims eye-watering RRP for Xbox One

Microsoft may be aiming high with its RRP for Xbox One in China.

Kotaku reports that claims that Microsoft has priced the machine at Y4,999 – that translates to about 470/$800.

Note that while that represents only a 120/35 per cent mark-up on the UK price, it’s almost double the $400 US RRP. Rip-off Britain etc.

Kotaku blames the price on China’s 17 per cent VAT rate. Britain’s 20 per cent tax rate says hello.

Apparently it’s quite common for consumer electronics to be priced so steeply in China, with the iPhone 5S 64GB carrying a whopping $1,109 RRP.

Microsoft revealed its Chinese Xbox One plans back in April, although it was criticised by developer American McGee shortly afterwards for, amongst other things, failing to understand that its target market lacks the required disposable income.

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