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Console games come to Google Chrome

Publishers are bringing a range of home console games to Google’s Chrome browser thanks to new tech from the internet giant.

Using Google’s new Native Client technology, developers are able to run compiled code in the browser, meaning console-style games can be played in the same way as casual and social titles.

Warner Bros and Square Enix have already signed up, with the former releasing acclaimed XBLA and PC title Bastion earlier today. The game is free to install and can be played on any computer with Chrome and a compatible graphics cards.

Meanwhile, Square Enix is working on a browser version of its 2009 title Mini Ninjas, the cutesy action adventure game developed by Hitman studio IO Interactive.

The publisher has pledged further support for Chrome, Venturebeat reports.

Speaking at Native Client’s unveiling at the GooglePlex headquarters in California, Square Enix chief executive Yoichi Wada said: "Let us begin this new era together. Google’s Native Client will be welcomed worldwide as a truly innovative technology industry and game industry as well."

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