Another developer leak confirms 2010 Natal

Accidental release of Robbie Bach CES video says new kit will 'revolutionise how people think about the games business'
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A Microsoft slip-up has accidentally released a CES video which confirms Microsoft's Natal controller will launch later this year - as Develop's sister site MCV revealed in November.

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas tomorrow, opened tonight by a special Microsoft keynote from the software giant's boss Steve Ballmer.

But, as reported by Joystiq, Microsoft's Channel 9 developer community site mistakenly posted a video of Entertainment & Devices Division president Robbie Bach talking about new Xbox features, including Project Natal.

The now removed video - which it is expected will reappear later on - shows Bach name a highlight for the division this year, including the 3D camera-based device.

"And then you look at what we have coming in the Xbox space, with Project Natal, which I think is going to revolutionize how people think about the gaming business, and actually turn into..." a transcript of the video quotes him as saying.

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