Could PSP Minis revive Sony's fortunes?

Download model may paint a positive template for the future
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In today's published blog, Develop's executive editor Owain Bennallack has suggested that despite its failings, the PSP and its approach to digital distribution may be a fundamental force in forging a future template for the rise of download platforms.

"PSP is the most successful hardware ‘failure’ that the games industry has ever known," said Bennallack, before arguing that a 'less is more' model means that developing PSP Minis model offers studios a number of advantages.

"What’s immediately attractive to iPhone developers is the lack of rival titles," argued Bennallack, later adding: "The relatively high cost of a PSP development kit compared to cheap or free equivalents for Xbox Live or iPhone should deter the riff-raff.

"Sony is also said to be promising a more transparent approval process than the murky yea-or-nay-ing on iPhone, where it sometimes seems a product is listed or barred depending on whether the backroom boys have a hangover."

To read the full blog, in which Bennallack addresses key issues relating to the emerging trends as bite-sized, digitally distributed games gather momentum, click here.