DivX video encoding now available to PS3 developers

PlayStation 3 becomes first console to use video format, which promises high quality compression
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Digital video firm DivX has announced that encoding movie files into its compression format is now available to PS3 developers.

PlayStation 3 becomes the first console to playback DivX files in the deal, which promises to give game developers the ability to compress digital video while retaining quality.

"We are excited to work with Sony Computer Entertainment to offer DivX video encoding to PS3 game developers," said Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX.

"PS3 users can already use their PS3s to watch their own DivX videos, and now they'll also be able to enjoy the quality of DivX in the games."

DivX added that it was working with Sony to help boost the machine's DivX playback for non-gameplay purposes as well, saying it is 'currently working to certify PS3 in order to provide a superior digital media experience to PS3 consumers in the near future'.