Dubious 'leaked' document outlines Xbox future

Suspect roadmap claims next-gen console to cost $299 and will release in 2013 alongside Kinect 2
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Microsoft's Xbox roadmap includes the 2013 launch a $299 Xbox 360 successor and Kinect 2, convincing-looking (but dubious) documents posted online claim.

Uncorroborated as genuine, presentation slides from a purported August 2010 meeting posted to Scribd suggest the format holder's roadmap for its home console were once projected to include:

- A $299 hardware release in 2013

- A Kinect successor with better accuracy and four-player tracking

- Augmented reality and 3D glasses codenamed 'Fortaleza' for Kinect and motion gaming

- Talk of extra motion sensors in the home for gaming

- 'Three screen' experiences just like those shown at its E3 SmartGlass premiere earlier this month

- More options for hardware OEM manufacture, reducing platform costs for Microsoft

- An eventual transition to total cloud storage/streaming for Xbox content - but importantly with devices in the home needed to access that content

- More relationships with TV operators and content firms

Whether real or not, the 56-page document reads like a sensible wish-list for Xbox platform growth and development.

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