Engine Software unveils the Pulse Sound System

Renamed DS audio middleware now official 3rd party tool
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Dutch studio Engine Software has renamed its Music & Sound Replayer DS audio middleware, launching the latest incarnation under the name Pulse Sound System.

The rename comes as the tech is accepted into Nintendo's official 3rd Party Tools program for the DS. The engine is currently being finalised and will be available for free to all existing licensees.

"Since the first release of our middleware in 2001, it has been highly successful, and is widely used amongst DS developers and freelance musicians," said Ruud van de Moosdijk, VP of development at Engine Software.

"By becoming part of the official 3rd Party Tools program, and the big technical update we just finished, including ‘Speex’ speech compression and Positional Sound support, we deemed the time right to give the library a rebirth as PSS ."



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