FxStudio now PS3 and Wii compatible

Cross-platform effects sequencer approved by Sony and Nintendo
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Aristen has announced that its FxStudio effects sequencing application is now compatible with PlayStation 3 and Wii.

The FxStudio Creativity Suite, which already supports Xbox 360 and PC, is comprised of the timeline-based effect sequencer FxStudio Designer, build tool FxStudio Processor, FxStudio Preview and run-time component FxStudio Runtime.

"We invited game teams and game engine developers visiting our Austin GDC booth a chance to sign up for an evaluation copy and the response was amazing," said Aristen CEO Andrew Kaplan.

"Over 35 companies signed up during the two day show, and many of them were the top studios in the business."

Toby Gladwell, Aristen’s CTO, said: “Our goal in creating FxStudio was to provide artists, engineers, and producer with the technology to create special effects quickly and efficiently.”