Graphics should not be focus of next-gen, says Inafune

Game creators should look to create different game experiences using new hardware features
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Developers should not simply focus on trying to improve game graphics on the Xbox One and PS4, says Keiji Inafune.

Speaking to NowGamer, the industry veteran, who has worked on titles such as Dead Rising and Mega Man, said for the next generation of consoles developers should focus on creating different types of games harnessing the new features on offer with new hardware.

He identified the real challenge of next-gen as finding new ways for users to interact with games and creating new experiences.

“As a developer, I’m really excited to take on the challenge of making games for that hardware,” said Inafune.

“When PS3 was announced, when the last generation was announced, there was a lot of looking at how do we make games look nicer? How can we make games look a lot better than the previous generation? I don’t really feel that pressure right now. I don’t think that should be focus right now. It should be about finding new kinds of games with the features that the hardware offers.

“That’s the real challenge for this generation. It’s not just pushing the graphics but finding new ways to interact with games, finding new kinds of games to create for these platforms.”


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