Microsoft aims for more â??Natal-likeâ?? evolutions

MGSâ?? Phil Spencer says the company will look for new ways to modernise the 360
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Xbox 360 game developers looking to make use of new technology may not need to wait for Microsoft’s next console.

The platform holder wants to continue to evolve the 360 well after Natal is released, according to Microsoft Game Studios’ head Phil Spencer.

“We effectively reinvented the Xbox once already when we rewrote the dashboard,” Spencer told Develop in an interview published today.

“It’s not about trying to sell consumers a new piece of hardware at the wrong time, it’s about evolving the platform continuously. And we are going to find things, like Natal, that are hardware-related to also do that.”

Spencer added that the 360 has already undergone a major transformation, with the New Xbox Experience replacing the 360’s original ‘blade’ system, as well as the introduction of Mii-like avatars.

“When Natal is added to 360, which is already an online-enabled powerful box, it starts a new generation of entertainment,” he added.

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