Microsoft closing Xbox Live Indie Games

XBLIG titles will no longer be sold from September 2017
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Microsoft is closing the XNA Creator’s Club and Xbox Live Indie Games service on Xbox 360.

In a blog post, ID@Xbox’s Chris Charla said the firm will no longer take new subscriptions or membership renewals. Those who are still developing games however can continue doing so until September 9th, 2016. Current subscription holders will also receive a free lifetime Windows Developer account.

From September 2017, Microsoft will stop selling XBLIG titles and close the store completely. Final payments to developers will be made by November 2017, regardless of whether they meet the $150 minimum threshold. Players will still be able to play and re-download games they have already purchased.

Microsoft will still have support in place and will answer any questions by developers until the end of 2017. As of 2018, the XNA Creators website will be taken offline.