New â??motion control studioâ?? kick starts

Israeli group hires key talent and offers motion control outsource services
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A brand new game development studio focused on building motion control games has opened in Israel.

Known as Side-kick, the start-up outfit is formed of Double Fusion co-founder Guy Bendov, former Eidos technical director Tal Raviv and a former PrimeSense motion control developer, Assaf Sela.

The studio says it has multiple “fully funded” projects in the pipeline, but is also seeking to be used as an outsource studio for other developers working on motion control projects.

“We already have multiple fully funded games in development which will be ready for projected launch dates in late 2010 and Q1 of 2011, as well as the ability to help other studios that want to implement more sophisticated motion control into their titles,” said Side-kick CEO Guy Bendov.

PrimeSense’s motion sensory tech was recently revealed to be included in the Project Natal peripheral tech.