New Zealand group strikes PSN deal

VIDEO INSIDE: Sidheâ??s upcoming Breakout remake, Shatter, will arrive on PS3 in 2009
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Ambiguously pronounced New Zealand developer Sidhe has partnered with Sony to give Breakout a facelift with its upcoming title, Shatter.

Mitigating the risk of bringing an old face to a tough market, shatter will be released digitally across the PlayStation Network.

It also appears that Seed-ah is not necessarily going to be sticking its neck out too far with Shatter. Perhaps not at all, in fact. The press release for the game mentions it will merge the exhilarating concept of “familiar action” with modern whistles. Optimists would say this was precisely the same approach taken for Space Invaders Extreme.

“We were inspired by classics in the genre, but were very aware of the limitations that most examples don't overcome, which means they don't reach the full potential possible,” said Mario Wynands, Sid-ah's Managing Director.

“We stripped brick-breaking back to the base elements, and rebuilt it from the ground up. The result is a much more connected and visceral experience,” he added.

The firm has promised that the game will include “innovative controls, physics effects, in-game items and boss battles”, as well as a “fully-scored” soundtrack featuring over 90 minutes of original music.

Here’s a video.

Seede is New Zealand’s biggest game studio. Develop recently reported that the outfit has received a new round of funding from the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology.

As the group is self-publishing, and self-publishing on PSN, and self publishing on PSN alone, Develop is contacting the parties involved about a possible Pub Fund deal.